Genuine places to know Iranian music 2021
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Music as the next trending diet? Sounds easy enough! According to research, the combination of soft lighting and music leads people to consume less food and enjoy it more. Iran has very rich music in every genre. From years ago, many songs have found their way to people’s hearts and became an undeletable part of their life-time. Iranian music has always played an important role in Iranian culture, with each region having its own specific style and sound. Iran has different styles of traditional and folk music. In every city and village from north to south and west to east, there is no single place without its own traditional music. There are different places to get involved in Iranian music during your cultural tour to Iran.

Zoorkhaneh and Varzeshe-Pahlavani

Have you listened to music in old reservoir? Varzeshe-Pahlevani is an Iranian sport dateing back to ancient Persia. It is a place that Iranian athletes train with live music playing with Zarb (Persian drum) and poems of Shahnameh, the brilliant masterpiece consists of epic poems written by Ferdowsi thousands of years ago. Zoorkhane has completely a different atmosphere you have experienced in sports clubs; it has its own music, exercises, and equipment. The exercises take place in the Gowd, which is a round or octagonal shape hole in the middle of the place where the athletes with colorful uniforms excercice and show their performance. Their performance will be managed by Morshed (the singer). Saheb Al-Zaman Zoorkhaneh is the best example of Zoorkhaneh in Iran, located in Amir Chakhmagh square in Yazd, the place was built five hundred years ago. The building consists of four floors and five Badgir (wind catcher structures, typical of architecture in Yazd).

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